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Using surf wax on your board is essential to offer the grip you need once you are on the wave. It also helps to maintain the board under your chest when paddling. Wax the deck of your board generously and evenly before every session for optimal control. Also be sure you select the correct type of Greenfix wax adapted to the temperature of the water. (COOL for 14-18°C, WARM for 18-24°C)
Greenfix surf wax is a one of its kind:
MADE IN FRANCE: Hand-made in Greenfix’s workshop, those products combine performance, design and innovation to offer you the best of the natural including in the most extreme conditions.
SUSTAINABLE: Greenfix wax is exclusively made from natural ingredients and is non-toxic to minimize the footprint on the environment. No wax petrochemical type of paraffin is used.
Know more about how to wax your board? See our partner’s website:

– Made in France
– Eco-friendly
– Nice smell!

BIO Cool Water wax using 100% natural ingredients and nopetro-chemicals.
Ideal for a more ecological surfing session. Provides unbeatable traction for BIC Surfboards. (50 bars of Wax per carton).
• Warm (17-25°C Water Temperature). Coconut flavor perfume. 90g. (ref. 100054)
• Cool (to 17°C Water Temperature). Melon flavor perfume. 90g. (ref. 100053)

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