Ozone Edge v12 Kite only

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Ozone Edge V12 Kite

Super easy powerful big-air machine from Ozone
The Ozone Edge V12 kite is a true evolution compared to its predecessor. Still the kite for great kitesurfing sessions with amazing speed, height and big air with sufficient power. Incredible lift and ease of use, now in the 12th version even smoother and more hangtime thanks to innovation from the paragliding world where Ozone is the market leader.

The biggest upgrade of the Ozone Edge V12 can be seen at the front of the kite, around the leading edge. Just behind the leading edge, Ozone has added a new seam, Ozone calls adding this seam and all the benefits it brings ‘transverse shaping’. This new seam provides a more streamlined shape to the kite canopy. The result of this is that the Edge V12 flies super smoothly through the wind, this is something you will notice on you bar feeling. The Edge V12 feels mega smooth and reliable.
Slightly less visible, but just as tangible, is the ‘pre-loaded leading edge’. The LE has been extra reinforced, which has placed more tension on the LE. This is transferred to the kite canopy of the Ozone Edge V12, the canopy is therefore super tight in the kite, which means that the Edge V12 will hardly produce any fluttering and is more aerodynamic. Where the Ozone Edge V11 sometimes had a vibration on the trailing edge, this has been eliminated in the Edge V12 through an updated trailing edge design.

The overall performance of the Ozone Edge has been evaluated in a 12th version, it still feels like an Edge but with more performance. The twelfth version of the Ozone Edge rides smoother, flutters less, goes upwind more easily and has more power and lift. A high performance freeride kite suitable for big air as you are used to from Ruben Lenten and Jamie Overbeek.

To guarantee a strong but light kite, Ozone has chosen to make the cloth of the Edge V12 from Teijin Trippel ripstop canopy. The super thin leading edge is also made of Teijin Dacron. The pulley-less design ensures that you have very direct feedback on the bar from everything the Ozone Edge V12 does. So you will always feel good where the kite is, even after a six-double rotation as Jamie Overbeek sometimes shows. In short, with the Ozone Edge V12 you can always go full throttle for big big air, kiteloops, and smooth freeride action!

Specifications Ozone Edge V12 kite
Freeride | Big Air
Five strut design
New ‘transverse shaped’ design
More lift
Smoother flying characteristics
Pulleyless bridles
Easier upwind
Fast water relaunch
Trippel ripstop cloth
New trailing edge

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