2022 North Nova Wing

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35,720 EGP
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Balanced and reactive, the new Nova Wing feels lighter in your hands. It generates more forward drive and upwind performance than anything you’ve ever ridden. At the heart of the Nova design is a super-stiff frame for power and efficiency, enabling instant take-offs and a massive wind range. Intuitive transitions. Comfortable ergonomic handling. For 2022 the Nova has a revised compact outline with shorter wingspan and less curve. This improves the power delivery, makes the wing easier to handle and reduces tip-strike. Improved tensioning and a deeper, more powerful profile boost low-end performance and contribute to the expanded wind range. Power delivery is progressive throughout the size range, with smooth and steady high-end stability in the 5m and under. The new rigid handle design with comfort grip enables more intuitive hand positioning, micro-trimming and more immediate control. Whether your focus is on the flow of freeride carving, riding open ocean waves or freestyle trickery, the Nova Wing will help you make the most your local conditions. Load up. Ride longer

Wing, Wrist Wing Leash, Bag, Compression Strap, Repair Kit

New compact outline for balanced handling and reduced tip-strike
Strong upwind ability
New rigid GripLock microtrimming control handles for more immediate and direct adjustment
Expanded wind range for low-end performance and high-end stability
Extremely efficient power delivery and smooth steady ride
6/7m lower aspect ratio and wingtip curvature improves tip-strike recovery
New 1.9m for lighter riders and skateboard sessions
GeoStrut exoskeleton for a stiffer frame with comfortable ergonomic geometry
New stiffer XL T-Joint – no wasted energy
Dual HyperFlow rapid inflation and 4-point bladder lock
Durable high performance Dacron frame and N-HTRS canopy for clean load distribution
LiteVision XS window panels for a safer riding experience
Kevlar strut connection with a tight and accurate fit
DuraLite STPU scuff protection on wing tips and seams

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